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Invisalign Consultation
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Invisalign ®

Often, many people with crooked teeth "lived with it." They did not want conventional braces. We can now straighten these teeth with an invisible orthodontic appliance that can be worn to work and not interfere with speech.

Nerve Therapy

Teeth that have large fillings, fractures, or trauma often lose their blood supply and become nonvital. Left untreated, they will get infected, possibly causing great pain. Our office can treat these "root canal" teeth with modern state-of-the-art endodontic treatment.

Oral Surgery

We offer gentle in-office extractions for the removal of untreatable teeth. No need for an outside referral since our dental surgeon can handle even difficult impactions of wisdom teeth.

Ortho Adult/Child

Orthodontic treatment for all ages is offered. We can treat orthopedic problems, crossbites, and use the advanced Damon bracket system.

Dental Implant

When a tooth was lost in the past, a bridge or denture was prescribed. Today, implant dentistry can replace the missing tooth and restore you to full function and cosmetics.

Surgical Perio Therapy

We offer surgical correction of gum disease defects that can cause loss of teeth. Our in-house surgical team, combined with our Dental Hygienist specialists, allow our patients to retain their teeth for a lifetime.

Anxiety Control

We know dentistry is stressful. Many avoid dental treatment because of fear. We offer nitrous oxide conscious sedation if you need it. We are concerned about your dental health and if fear of dentistry is preventing you from routine care, we can address these concerns.


Many patients suffer from headache and jaw joint pain. We are experienced in treating these debilitating symptoms and our splint therapy/orthodontic specialists allow us to address most jaw joint problems.


Botox is an injectable medication to relax the facial muscles which can alleviate TMJ symptoms, headaches, clenching/grinding of the teeth, improve your smile's appearance, and can help you look younger.

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