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Preventive Care

Child at the Dentist

Oral Health Examinations

We perform a comprehensive evaluation where we examine your teeth, gums, joints, and soft tissues for any abnormalities and place this data into a treatment plan/cost estimate for your approval.

Radiographs (X-rays)

Only necessary X-rays are taken to assist in diagnosing an oral abnormality.

Professional Cleaning

After thoroughly examining your gums for possible periodontal (gum) disease, our team will custom design a cleaning program to provide you with a healthy mouth for a lifetime.


A concentrated dose of fluoride is provided to help strengthen teeth for the prevention of dental decay (cavities).


Sealants are placed into the grooves of teeth where food and bacteria accumulate to prevent decay from starting in this prominent area.

Pediatric Care

We recommend an examination of your children as young as one year old to help avoid any unhealthy practices that may affect your child later in life.

Non-Surgical Care

If periodontal (gum) disease has affected you, we have a plan to debride and detoxify your teeth to stabilize your gums into a state of health.


M-F 7:30am-5:00pm

Alternating Monday and Friday




1404 3rd St SW
Waverly, IA 50677

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